Chapter 1.2: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Luke Collins meets his neighbors, the Caliente household.

Day 1 (Sunday)


Luke Collins

It was Luke’s first day after moving into his newly constructed home in Oasis Springs. He was excited to get his new life started. He came to Oasis Springs to start a legacy for himself and his future family. Yes, he wanted a family.

He needed a job. But first, he wanted to get to know Oasis Springs more. Visit his neighbors for sure. Do a bit of sight-seeing. Rumor has it that there is a secret place called the Forgotten Grotto. However, it’s too early to learn more about that.


Skyward Palms

Luke lives in Skyward Palms of Oasis Springs. Including his home, there are three other homes in this neighborhood. Two vacants and one residential. His first stop would be his neighbor within the same neighborhood.


The Calientes & Don Lothario


Katrina, Luke, Nina, and Dina

Luke couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous these three women were when he arrived at their house.


Katrina Caliente

He introduced himself to the fiery redhead next to him while the other two giggled and went inside their house.

Luke (waving): Good morning, ma’am. I’m new into town and just moved to that lot over there (pointing to where his new home was built). As I see you’re my only neighbor, I’d thought I’d come say hello.
Katrina (looking Luke up and down): Well hey there. I’m Katrina, but you can call me Kat.
Luke: Nice to meet you, Kat. My name is Luke.
Katrina: Would you like to meet my two daughters?
Luke: Whoa. Those two are your daughters? You look like you could be their sister.
Katrina: Flattery will get you everywhere young man.

Katrina invites Luke into her home. She pointed into the living room and said she needed to go upstairs for a moment.


Dina and Nina

Luke heard comments in regards to him coming from one of the two, but didn’t know which. He walks up to them.

Luke (smiling): Hey there. Are you two talking about me?

The redhead had an angry look on her face and the blonde looked like she was about to cry. What did he just walk into?

Nina (yawning): I’m bored.

And she walks away.

Dina: I’m sorry about that. Yes we were talking about you. Would you like to sit down?
Luke: Sure.


Don and Dina

Luke and Dina talked for a few minutes. She confessed she thought he was cute, and so did Nina. And a little bit of jealousy ensued. Don Lothario enters and didn’t quite get the whole conversation and just assumed Dina was talking about him, so he helps himself onto the couch next to her and looks at Luke.

Don: This beauty talking about me again? She can’t keep her eyes off me.
Dina: DON! You’re my mom’s boyfriend. Stop it!

Don looks over at Dina, tilts his sunglasses down, gives her a wink, and puts his sunglasses back up. Was this guy for real?

Don (looking back to Luke): So, who are you and what are you doing in my house?
Dina: You mean my mom’s house.
Don: Looking to shack up with one of my ladies?
Dina: Oh my llama, Don. Stop it. I’m not one of your ladies. What would mom say if she heard you talking like this?
Don (ignoring Dina): Well?
Luke (dumbfounded): Well, I uh… live across the street. And seeing you’re the only neighbor I have in this neighborhood, I’d come by and say hello.
Don: Okay. Hello. Now what?
Luke: Are you always like this?
Don: Excuse me?
Dina: Luke.
Luke: Dina, I mean no disrespect in your mother’s house, but I won’t be talked to like this.


No disrespecting Luke

Luke: I’m not here to shack up with one of these women. And I’m offended you’d think that’s what I came here for. I came by as a friendly gesture to introduce myself as a new neighbor…
Don (taken aback): Calm the plumbob down, dude. I was joking. Geez!


No disrespecting Dina

Luke (pointing at Dina): And Dina is much too good for you. She is beautiful inside and out and doesn’t deserve the comments you make to her or about her.

Dina couldn’t help but smile.


Luke – 1, Don -0

She even had to turn away so Don didn’t see her. Luke just glared at Don until Don decided he had enough and got up and walked away.

Impressed, Dina said she’d be right back. She wanted to change clothes and if he’d meet her upstairs. Luke was hoping what he said and did, didn’t give the wrong impression to Dina. He was enjoying her company, but he was serious and wasn’t there to shack up with anybody.


Dina the fighter

When Dina came back, she was in a long sleeve tee and shorts. She led him to the balcony where there was a punching bag. She put on her gloves and went to work on it. Luke sat on the bench nearby and was in shock. He never would have expected her to be a boxer.

Dina: I imagine this is Don a lot. I don’t know what my mom sees in him. He hits on her, me, and my sister. My sister loves the attention and gets angry and hot-headed when it doesn’t go her way. And thank you for sticking up for me back there. That was really sweet of you.
Luke: Meant every word of it. I hope he learns his lesson.
Dina: He didn’t.

They talked for what seemed like hours. It was getting late, though.


Goodbye for now

Dina offered a hug and Luke accepted.

Dina: Thank you again for what you said for me. You really made my day.
Luke: The pleasure is all mine.

They exchanged numbers and Luke went home.


Sleep tight Luke

That night, Luke went to take a nap as he was thinking about the wonderful neighbors he met that day, minus Don. And a new friend he made named Dina. As he was thinking about them, he drifted off to sleep.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.2: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

  1. HA! I love that Don is the same in every story. He never disappoints. That whole conversation was hilarious, especially this part: Don looks over at Dina, tilts his sunglasses down, gives her a wink, and puts his sunglasses back up.

    And what do we have here? Potential legacy spouse? [cue my cheesy announcer voice] “Tune in next week!” lol


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