Chapter 1.3: Workin’ For A Livin’

Luke Collins finds a job!


Day 2 (Monday)


Willow Creek

Oasis Springs didn’t have a Library in its Commercial District, but the next town over did. This town was known as Willow Creek.

Willow Creek is an established town with a lot of history and tradition. However, as younger Sims have moved into the area, they bring new ideas and experiences with them. The four residential neighborhoods are divided by streams and canals and situated around a central park. The commercial district is located on the shorelines and offers some exciting places for Sims to visit.


‘Willow Creek Archive’ Library

One particular place is the Willow Creek Archive Library. The Library contained books of just about anything a Sim wanted to know. There were also computers where Sims could browse the web, chat with friends, find jobs, and more. Luke needed a job, so this was the best place to go to start looking.


Job hunting

Luke found an open computer and began the search for a job. There were so many open positions, but his eye immediately caught the word “restaurant”. He quickly looked and the description and specifications. He was hoping it was for some type of cooking position, but sadly it was not.

L’Attente Bistro Restaurant (Magnolia Promenade)
Position: Assistant Dishwasher
Pay: $15/hr
Hours: 4:00pm – 1:00am
Days: Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat
Description: What do you seek in your career path? An opportunity for growth? A chance to succeed? A fun, exciting social environment? Blending all of these together is the difference between a good job and a great career. At L’Attente Bistro you’ll discover a balance between work life and personal life, as well as a wealth of benefits for your health, future, family and happiness.
Primary Responsibilities: Maintains kitchen work areas, equipment, plateware and utensils in a clean, sanitary and orderly condition.
Job Benefits: Competitive Pay, Extensive Training, Meal Discounts, Advancement Opportunities

With the opportunity to move up in the workplace, Luke decided to go ahead and apply for the position. It didn’t take long for him to get a respond back with an immediate hire. It was a Monday and his first shift was on Wednesday.


Book reading

Since he was already at the Library now, he decided to look at some of the books.


Tyler McAdams, the Librarian

He wanted to ask the Librarian a question and was pointed out by someone. She was currently at one of computers.

Luke: Excuse me. Are you the Librarian?
Tyler (startled): Oh, hi. Yes I am.
Luke: I’m wondering if you have any books about the spots around the towns? More particularly the restaurant, L’Attente Bistro, which is located in Magnolia Promenade.


Ask and you shall receive

Tyler was happy to show him where the books were about the places in Magnolia Promenade.

Tyler: My name is Tyler, by the way. You’re not a regular here, are you?
Luke: No. I actually just moved to Oasis Springs yesterday. I got a job at the restaurant and just want to do my history on it, so I look good on my first day.
Tyler: Smart idea. It’s a very classic restaurant. I’ve been there a couple times.



Luke and Tyler sat and talked about the towns and its locations. He was learning a lot from her. He was a bit turned off by her snobbish attitude when it came to the conversations of the low class spots. But still, he was impressed with her knowledge.

As he was checking out the books, she asked if they could swap phone numbers and he could call her if he had any more questions. He thought that was a wonderful idea.

Day 3 (Tuesday)



Before his morning jog, Luke thought he’d text his new friend that he got a job now.

Hi Dina. Got some good news to share. I’ve recently been hired at L’Attente
Bistro. I’m going to be an Assistant Dishwasher, but they say there is room
for advancement. I’m hoping to get a cooking position there one day. How
are you?


Morning jog

Luke put his phone away and went for a jog around the neighborhood. His phone buzzed noting he had an incoming text. He thought that was quick for Dina to respond. He turned around and headed jogging back home before checking his message.


Incoming text

To Luke’s surprise, the text wasn’t from Dina at all, but Tyler, the Librarian.

Hey Luke, it’s me Tyler. I have work in a couple hours, but I thought it might be
fun to go check out your new place of hire. Have an early lunch. Besides the
books you checked out, it’s also good to physically check out the place of
your employment. What do you say?

Luke texted back.

Not a bad idea. Meet you there.

He quickly took a bath, changed, and headed to the restaurant.


‘L’Attente Bistro’ Restaurant

The L’Attente Bistro is a high style restaurant. You don’t have to dress classic to enjoy the classic food. Whether you’re hungry for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; you can enjoy a good meal at L’Attente Bistro.


Meet and greet

Luke and Tyler met up at the restaurant. As she had to leave soon for work, they hung out at the bar. The bartender introduced herself as Felicia.


Enjoying the view

Luke was impressed. He had already read a little history on the restaurant. But seeing it up close was something different. Tyler was pointing things out. Luke couldn’t wait to start working here.


Another incoming text

Luke’s phone buzzed when they were viewing the restaurant. They were too busy admiring the place, they didn’t have lunch. He didn’t want to be rude and see who it was and waited until after Tyler had to leave for work. He stayed at the restaurant so he could check more of it out.

That’s great news! I hope you like your new job. I don’t think I mentioned that
I was a bartender when we met. I work at the ‘Make A Dish’ cafe. It looks like
we have something in common 🙂  So when do you start?

Luke replied.

Tomorrow afternoon. Are you working?

Dina replied.

Not for another two and half hours.

Luke replied.

Going to have snack here. You want to join me?

Dina replied.

That sounds nice. On my way.


Dina and Luke

When Dina arrived, she saw Luke at the bar and sat down next to him. They greeted each other and talked for a little bit about their days.


Cheese platter

Luke ordered the cheese platter. He was so hungry, he became embarrassed he forgot to see what she wanted. She just looked at him and smiled. He then ordered a full plate so she could enjoy with him.


Sharing is caring

They both moved to the other side of the bar to get a look at the kitchen. Luke was mostly daydreaming about tomorrow, but he also learned more about Dina’s job. For which she soon had to leave and go to.



Again, Dina initiated a hug and Luke accepted. She waved goodbye and headed off to work.


Luke the Gardener

That evening, Luke was inspired to plant some fruits and vegetables. Plus he was spending more money than he had. He was down to $93 in savings. Good thing his first day of work is tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3: Workin’ For A Livin’

  1. Luke is kinda cute. Ehhh, I thought that BEFORE he started running around shirtless LOL. Glad he’s making friends…even though it seems his friends seem to think he’s a bit easy on the eyes too lol. I like that he’s not rushing into things though. Oh…a word of advice on the garden—though you’ve probably noticed already—he’s gonna have trouble reaching those corner spots that are right next to the house.


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