Chapter 1.4: A Hard Day’s Night

Luke Collins’ first day on the job!


Day 4 (Wednesday)


Good luck

Tyler visited Luke on her way to work. She wanted to wish him good luck on his first day of his job.

Tyler: I think you’re ready for this.
Luke (chuckling): It’s just a dishwasher job.
Tyler: Remember, you know the place now. So act like you’re ready for the promotion or transfer to be their chef.
Luke: I’ll try.


First day

Luke was excited and nervous at the same time. Would he do good? Would his co-workers like him? Would he really like this job? His mind was racing. He really wanted to do well so he could quickly get promoted to being a cook.

His work told him to dress casual as he’ll be getting a uniform.

He arrived at the restaurant and just stood there looking in. This was it. Time to get to work and make money so he could start a family!


New clean uniform

The restaurant supplied Luke with a buttoned white short sleeve shirt, white pants, and a white apron. This was his uniform he was to wear to work everyday. It was his job to take them home, wash if needed, and bring back the next day he worked.

He was also to stay in the kitchen at all times during work. The only time he was allowed to leave the kitchen was on bathroom breaks and for his dinner break. For his non-payed dinner break he was to not be in uniform. As long as he was working that day, he got one meal for free. For days he wasn’t working, but wanted to eat at the restaurant, he got a discount.


Luke the Assistant Dishwasher

Luke spent most of his day taking dishes from the waiters when they brought them in and washing them. The restaurant had an actual dishwasher that was machinery, but when crowds came in, some dishes just had to be washed by hand.

There was even a point in time of the evening during peak dinner hours where he was backed up and had to make a choice of overloading the dishes in the dishwasher or pile up the dirty ones and hope to get to them when he could. He took the chance and overloaded the dishwasher. It didn’t break! And the dishes got clean. Success for Luke!


A clean kitchen

When he wasn’t washing dishes, he made sure the counters were wiped down and all the plates, dishes, and utensils were ready to go for the chef on duty. He would admire the chefs as they cooked. This is what he really wanted to do, but he knew he had to start at the bottom and work his way up. Just like he would when making a legacy of himself.


Chit chat

There were also times of the evening when he washed all the dishes and cleaned up the counter tops. Felicia would go in the kitchen and hang out with him when she didn’t have any customers of her own at the bar.

Felicia: How are you liking the job?
Luke: It’s actually not bad. Nothing like a little hard work to make the day go by.
Felicia (smirking): And just think, you can soon make it to Head Dishwasher and do the same stuff you do now.

Both laugh.

Luke: So, you have a boyfriend?
Felicia: Husband.
Luke: Oh, nice. Congrats.
Felicia: Thank you. And yourself? Well, girlfriend? Not that you couldn’t have a boyfriend.
Luke (chuckling): Neither. No girlfriend or boyfriend.
Felicia: Wife? Husband?

Felicia smirks at Luke.

Luke: Single.
Felicia: Aww, you’ll find the right… person, someday.
Luke: Yes, I’m hoping to settle down with the right… woman, soon. I want to be a legacy. At least ten generations of family if not more.
Felicia: You best get on that. You won’t stay young forever.
Luke: Don’t I know it.
Felicia: Any women around town catching your eye?
Luke: Well, there are two.
Felicia: Two? You hot stud you.
Luke (laughing): You’re funny.
Felicia (winking at Luke): And taken.

Luke really liked talking to Felicia. He told her about Dina Caliente and Tyler McAdams. Both he liked as friends. Both he could relate to.

Felicia: Why not take each of them on a date? Change the atmosphere. Maybe a nightclub or lounge. Get to know them better, if you know what I mean. It might help make the decision for you.
Luke: Together?
Felicia (chuckling): No, stupid. Two different dates, two different days.
Luke: That makes more sense.
Felicia: Duh!
Luke: You’re funny.
Felicia: And still taken.


Nosy Nick

Nick Schwab, one of the waiters, overheard the two talking, but didn’t catch anything they were saying. He walked in as they were laughing. He gives Luke that look…

Nick: Dude, she’s married man.
Felicia: Nick! What the plumbob!
Luke: We’re just talking, Nick. Relax.
Nick: It looked like more than that, man. Bad for the workplace.
Felicia: Nick, go away!

Nick goes back to whatever waiters do.

Luke’s first day turned out to be a good day. He hit it off well with most of his co-workers. He didn’t break any dishes. He made it through the nine hour work shift. He had tomorrow off, but knew he’d be back at it again on Friday.


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