Chapter 1.5: How Deep Is Your Love

Luke Collins goes out on a date.


Day 5 (Thursday)


Self encouragement

Tonight was Luke’s date with Dina Caliente. Just four days prior he met her as a neighbor and through talking over the phone since then and a “not really a date” meeting at the restaurant he’s gotten to like her. A lot.

He went to the bathroom to psyche himself up. He thought he can do this as he saw signs that she liked him too.


“Blue Velvet” Nighhtclub



Luke and Dina met at the Blue Velvet Nightclub. It was suppose to be the hotspot in Willow Creek.

Dina was wearing an astonishing beautiful blue dress.

Luke (hugging Dina): How are you?
Dina: Happy. I was hoping you’d ask me out.
Luke: Well, you and your sister did have a crush on me. How is she doing?
Dina: I think she got over it. Don schmoozed her over telling her that she could do better than to admire you when she’s got him to fantasize over.
Luke: But isn’t Don your mom’s boyfriend.
Dina: That’s what they claim. Mom doesn’t know he’s been hitting on me and Nina.

Luke ended the conversation there. Tonight wasn’t about Don, Katrina, and Nina. It was about Luke and Dina.


The bar scene

The two first hit the bar. As Dina is a bartender where she works, she went a little overboard explaining to the bartender on duty how to make her drink. Luke thought it was a little turn on. Why? Who knows.


There will be dancing

Luke and Dina then hit the dance floor. She wanted to show him a move she learned called the “washing machine”. There was another guy dancing who was checking her new move out as well. Good thing that’s all he did that evening.


Private dancer

Dina even gave Luke a special lap dance.


First kiss

As the date was coming to a close, Luke brought Dina outside.

Luke: I had a wonderful time tonight.
Dina: So did I.
Luke (smirking): You’ll have to show me how to do that “washing machine” dance.
Dina: I will on our next date.
Luke: So you think there is going to be another, huh?
Dina: I know there is.

With that said, Luke did the inevitable. He leaned in and planted a kiss on her. As he was doing this, she went into surprise mode. Her face turned rosy red as Luke finished the kiss. As she was blushing, she turned and walked away…

Dina: See you on our next date.


Deep in thought

Luke went back in and sat down at the table in front of the fireplace. Felicia told him he should take both Dina and Tyler out on a date to see who he liked better. But something about Dina just clicked.

Luke (thinking to himself): Would it be right to go on date with Tyler? I know I have feelings for Dina. I could lose my chances with her if she finds out I also take Tyler on  a date. She might think I’m just another Don. I’d like to give Tyler a chance. I like her too. But not sure if I would like her as much as I do Dina. I don’t know what to do.

Day 6 (Friday) –  Day 9 (Monday)


Chit chat

Over the next couple days, Luke would talk to his co-worker friend, Felicia. He explained how he had a wonderful date with Dina. That he even kissed her at the end of the date.

Felicia: So it went very well with Dina. How about Tyler?
Luke: I haven’t asked her out yet.
Felicia: Are you going to?
Luke: I don’t know.
Felicia: Do you want to?
Luke: I don’t know.


Trash talk

During his shifts, Luke would ask himself in silence whether he should ask Tyler out.



And Luke would earn promotions.

L’Attente Bistro Restaurant (Magnolia Promenade)
Position: Caterer
Pay: $26/hr
Hours: 3:00pm – 11:00pm
Days: Sun, Mon, Thu, Fri, Sat

He was well on his way to getting that chef position. But his thoughts were on if he should ask Tyler out or not.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5: How Deep Is Your Love

  1. Awww. Yeah, that’s a tough call. I mean, he technically “should” ask her just to make sure he’s not making a mistake, but I understand if he feels connected to Dina.


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