Chapter 1.6: Golden

Luke Collins continues his pursuit on Dina Caliente.


Day 10 (Tuesday)



Luke thought long and hard the next morning. He made the decision to remain friends with Tyler, but pursue his relationship with Dina further. Tonight was his second date with Dina.


Desert Bloom Park



Luke decided this date was to be casual and asked her out to meet at the park for a picnic date.

The Desert Bloom Park itself contains many barbecue grills and tables, a space-themed playscape and monkey bars, some chess tables, a fishing pond, an indoor lounge with a bar and public bathrooms. The surrounding areas feature three fishing spots, a few grills, tables and bench seats, public bathrooms and a few resources to collect.


Chit chat

Luke invited Dina to sit with him on a bench and asked about her day.

Luke: Anything new since we last met?
Dina: Work is the same. But I did think about you more. I knew you’d ask me out again.
Luke: You did, huh?
Dina (blushing): That kiss gave it away. How have you been?
Luke: I got a promotion at work to Caterer. No more cleaning dishes. I hung out with the chefs a lot and they recommended me for the job. I’ll plan banquets for the restaurant and even be able to give ideas for menus.
Dina: That’s wonderful news. I’m so proud of you, Luke. That’s a big step for you.
Luke: Hours are much nicer, too.


Grill master

It was around 5pm during their conversation, so Luke asked Dina if she wanted hamburgers or hotdogs. She chose hotdogs. So Luke headed towards the nearest grill and slapped on some hotdogs. The bag ripped open, so he put all seven on the grill.


Hot diggity-dog

Dina loved hotdogs. She made sure she mentioned that quite a few times while they sat down and ate.


Look into my eyes

Luke left the hotdog leftovers for anyone else to have that might be wandering through the park. He escorted Dina back to the benches. The sun was setting now. He put his hand on Dina’s.

Luke: Dina?
Dina: Yes Luke?
Luke: I really need to ask you something.
Dina (feeling anxious): Okay.
Luke (staring into Dina’s eyes): Will you…. be my girlfriend?



It wasn’t a marriage proposal as Dina was hoping, but she would take it. She quickly jumped off the bench.

Dina: YES! I would love to be your girlfriend.

Luke stood up while giving a small chuckle.He grabbed Dina by the waist and drew her in closer. He put his hand around her head and planted a huge kiss on her lips.


Say cheese

Luke pulled out his phone.

Luke: I need a picture of my girlfriend to share with all my friends now.
Dina: I’d be honored.

Luke put his arm around Dina, set his phone outwards, and selfied himself with Dina.

Day 11 (Wednesday)


Deep in thought

Luke dreamed all night about Dina. Part of his dream was that she was hoping he had proposed to her. But it also felt like it was real. That he wanted to propose to her also. Was his dream telling him something?

He fell in love with her. He should act on it. He knew life was short for his species. In less than twenty days, he would move from a young adult to adult stage of life. He wanted a wife. He wanted children. He wanted a legacy.


‘The Roadstead’ Mall

If Luke was going to propose to Dina, he was going to do it right. So he headed to the biggest retail store, The Roadstead.



Luke approached the cashier and other sales associate. He asked if they had a certain clothing item in stock. The female associate went in the back and found what Luke was looking for. He thanked her and bought his attire that he was going to wear when he proposed to Dina. He then went to the jewelry section and picked out his ring.

He headed to his next stop.


‘Rattlesnake Juice’ Bar

Dina’s workplace was the Rattlesnake Juice bar. The only bar in Oasis Springs.


The human hotdog

It was now or never for Luke.


Laugh out loud

Luke entered the bar. As he approached the counter, everyone was laughing. Dina didn’t notice him at first. She was training in a new bartender. But when she did, she couldn’t help but laugh herself.

Luke: Hello my bestie and my girlfriend.
Dina (laughing): Luke, what are you doing and why are you wearing that?
Luke: You said you love hotdogs.
Dina: OMG Luke.



Luke: I’ve come to profess my undying love for you and ask…


The proposal

Luke: Dina, will you make me the happiest hotdog and marry me?


6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.6: Golden

  1. OMG! I laughed so hard at that suit! You got me LOL. I was sure thinking he went to buy a tux. That was perfect! You’ve been reading too much Pruetts with this dang cliffhanger!! 😛


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