Chapter 1.7: Our House

Luke Collins had just proposed to Dina Caliente. Does she accept his hand in marriage? This chapter contains language that may not be suitable for young viewers. Please be advised when reading this chapter.


Day 11 (Wednesday)


I wanna hold you hands

Now Luke took Dina by surprise. She was still laughing at the outfit, but now was crying by the question. She was also shaking her head yes, so he took that as a cue. He put the ring on her finger and got up from kneeling.

Luke took her hands.

Luke: I know you were shaking your head, but I need you to make it official and answer. Will you, Dina, marry me and start a new life adventure with me?
Dina: Yes…yes I will marry you, Luke.

Everyone else in the bar cheered and clapped.

Day 12 (Thursday)


Brush brush brush

Luke was having a wonderful day. Last night he proposed to Dina and she said yes. Now they just needed to start the planning. Big wedding. Small wedding. Who to invite. He didn’t have many friends since he moved into Oasis Springs. People normally had a best man. His second best friend was also female. Could he have a best woman? He was contemplating this as he was brushing his teeth. He had to be at work in a couple hours. He was so excited to share his news with Felicia.

Luke heard a knock at the door.


Knock knock

It was Dina.


Luke & Dina

It looked like Dina had been crying.

Luke: What’s wrong, Dina?
Dina (sniffing): Nina and Don…
Luke: Are they alright?
Dina (sniffing continued): They are but…
Luke: Come inside. Let’s talk.


Oh no they didn’t

Luke took Dina to his living room.

Luke: What is going on Dina? Why were you crying? Is everything okay?
Dina: I’m sorry. It’s just that after work last night I went home to show my mom and sister my engagement ring. Everyone was in bed, so I waited until this morning to tell them. Nina was in the kitchen with Don when I told them you proposed to me last night. And I was about to show them my ring when…

She put her hand up to her face and started crying again.

Luke: When what? What happened Dina?

Dina was able to compose herself a bit more.

Dina: Don called me a slut and whore. He said he knew you went over to his house to bang one of his girls. And my sister was laughing…

Dina began to cry again.


Don make Luke angry

Luke: Oh hell no. Nobody calls my fiance a slut and whore. I’m going to go over there and beat the plumbob out of him. That no good piece of llama sh…
Dina (cutting him off): Luke! Stop! I don’t want you going over there. I don’t know if I can see you getting arrested.

Dina was able to calm Luke down a bit even though she was a mess herself.



Luke apologized and gave her a hug.


Dina & Luke

Luke and Dina sit on the couch. They turn the conversation back to last night and he gets her to smile about him in his hotdog costume. After a few minutes of talking, Luke’s expression changes.

Luke: I have another proposal for you.
Dina: I said yes to someone already. See, look at this beautiful ring they got me.

Luke was happy her mind was off the whole Don and Nina thing for now. But what he was about to ask might bring back her crying. He would have to take that chance.

Luke: Move in with me.
Dina: What?
Luke: Come live with me. We’re already getting married. If you move in with me, we can be together even more before we wed.
Dina: You really mean it?
Luke: Would your special hotdog lie to you? Take the day off from work. When… the house is empty or at least busy to pay attention to you, grab anything you can and bring it here.
Dina (tears form in her eyes): Oh… Uh… okay.

Dina breathes deeply and composes herself.

Luke: I mean it. My house is your house now.
Dina: Then I have a proposal for you.
Luke: I’m sorry. I’m already getting married to someone.
Dina (starting to laugh): Funny guy. Your house is small. Too small for a lady like me. I have a really good friend. She’s a little bit insane, but that’s what makes her so fun and great. Would you mind if I ask her to help me move in? And can we hire a contractor to expand the house?
Luke: Two women redecorating my house? I don’t know. My man cave might turn into a sorority house. And I’m broke.
Dina: I promise I’ll make it neutral. Except the bedroom. And I have savings. I’ll use that. After all, my money is your money.
Luke: Bed roooom. So we’re sleeping together already. Proposal accepted!

Luke hugged Dina one more time before changing and heading off to work.


Jasmine Pruett



Dina invited her friend, Jasmine Pruett, to help move her stuff from her mom’s house to Luke’s. Jasmine was also there to help Dina redesign Luke’s house to Luke and Dina’s house.


Insane in the membrane

Dina showed Jasmine around the house.

Jasmine: The voices in my head are definitely telling me this house is ugly and needs to be redecorated.
Dina (giving a small smirk): Okay then. The contractors are on their way. Let’s get started.


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