Chapter 1.8: Courting Blues

Dina and Jasmine redecorate Luke’s house. Will he like the changes? Plus another surprise for the two who just got engaged.


Day 11 (Wednesday)


Jasmine & Dina

Dina: The house looks great. I can’t wait to give him a tour when he gets home from work.
Jasmine: Your fiance is going to love it. I was happy to help.



Dina: Don’t be a stranger and be sure to visit again.
Jasmine: I have a feeling we’ll see you again. We have this premonition that we’ll be back. I’m happy for you. Now go enjoy the house before he gets home.
Dina: Thank you, Jasmine.


New home

That evening when Luke arrived home, the only reason he knew he was at the right place was because Dina was standing at the front door. Otherwise, he would have never known this was his place. The outside was a complete makeover.

Dina (smiling): Welcome home!
Luke: This is…different.
Dina: It’s got a touch of Caliente and a hint of craziness. I think you’re going to like it.
Luke: Okaaay.
Dina: Let me give you the grand tour.


Front Yard

Dina: I replanted your trees and bushes here.


Living Room

Dina: Here’s the main entry and living room. I tried to give it some country look for you.


Dining Room

Dina: This is our new dining room. My friend Jasmine gave us these flowers.



Dina: This is YOUR new kitchen.

Luke was in awe of his new kitchen. He was very happy of this new room.


Laundry Room

Dina: Here’s the laundry room. Although we tend to wear the same clothes a lot, the times we do change, we can wash our clothes here.



Dina: I put in a study room. Just in case you needed some Luke time by yourself.


Bar Room

Dina: I bought this bar and had it installed in my mom’s house. Since I live here now, I created a little spot for it. Out of the way, but usable if we have company over. And I can practice my bartending here as well.


Empty Room

Dina: As you tell me you’re wanting a legacy, which means a child or two, I  thought it would be fitting to have a room just for them. It’s empty now as we’re not sure when we’re going to have one.

Luke grins.



Dina: Here is the main bathroom that guests and our children can use.


Master Bathroom

Dina: This our private bathroom.


Master Bedroom


Master Bedroom

Dina: And finally, our bedroom.

Luke was excited with all the new renovations. He told Dina she did a wonderful job and that he would take it all in tomorrow. Tonight he was exhausted. Being a Caterer was fun, but hard work.

Day 12 (Thursday)



The next day, Luke woke up early. This was surreal to him. It was only twelve days ago that he moved into Oasis Springs. He found himself a full-time job at a restaurant. Became friends with some really nice people. And now is engaged.

Luke is almost at his halfway point in being a young adult as well. In eighteen days, his full adulthood kicks in.


Scrambled Eggs

Luke decided to make breakfast for himself and Dina. He’s gotten to be pretty good at making them lately.


I spy a chef

Little did Luke know that his cooking would wake his fiance. Dina would stand just outside the kitchen around the corner. She too was in a surreal moment.

Dina walks into the kitchen and kisses Luke on the cheek as he’s finishing up.

Dina: What smells so good?
Luke (winking): That’s just me.
Dina: You smell like eggs.
Luke: Ouch.
Dina (kissing him on the cheek again): It’s not a bad thing this morning. You smell yummy.
Luke: Better than hotdogs?
Dina: Sorry, hotdogs trump eggs.
Luke: I’ll keep that in mind.



They both sat down at their new dining room area together for the first time for breakfast. They looked each other in the eyes and smiled.

Luke: I’m assuming you have your big wedding planned?
Dina: About that…
Luke: Uh oh. No backsies you know.
Dina: No no. I want to marry you. It’s just that… I did want a big wedding since I was a little girl. But yesterday with Don and my sister. And with you having no family here. Just a few friends you’ve made since arriving. Let’s just elope.
Luke: Really? I don’t mind having a big or small wedding. We can just invite our friends. No need to elope.
Dina: I want this.
Luke (winking at Dina): Are you positive? Remember, no backsies.
Dina (showing a smile): Yes. I am okay with it.
Luke: I’ll dig out my hotdog costume.
Dina: Not funny, Luke.

Day 17 (Tuesday)

Tuesday was a day where both Luke and Dina had off from work, so they made arrangements with a priest to have a quick wedding. They needed witnesses, so Dina invited Jasmine and Luke invited Felicia.

Congratulations to Luke Collins & Dina Caliente-Collins!


The witnessing


Dina’s vows


Luke’s vows


The kiss


The celebration


2 thoughts on “Chapter 1.8: Courting Blues

  1. WOOO! Congrats, crazy kids! the house looks wonderful. Great job! And Jasmine looks great in her new dress! And Marcus?! LOL, did he pay $50 to become a minister in five minutes online? LOL XD I kill me. He looked great too in his robe, he he.


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