Chapter 2.2: Having My Baby

Newlyweds Luke and Dina just tied the knot. Luke is ready for his Generation 2 heir to come into the world and continue his legacy.


Day 18 (Wednesday)

Luke and Dina WooHoo’d all night into the next morning. They both fell asleep around 7am.



It was around noon when Dina woke up feeling sick to her stomach. She headed to the bathroom in enough time to make it to the toilet and throw up. She cleaned up the mess and then washed her hands.

Dina grabbed a pregnancy test off the shelf and went back to the toilet. After doing her business, she had to wait 10 minutes before the results would show.



Dina brought the pregnancy test over to the sink and looked at the results…



Dina’s got news

Dina was so excited she dropped the test on the counter and went straight for the bedroom.

Dina (shaking Luke): Luke? Luke! Honey wake up!
Luke (grumbling still closing his eyes trying to sleep): What…what is it dear?
Dina: We’re having a baby.

One of Luke’s eyes opened.

Luke: What?
Dina: I’m pregnant!


Discussing the news

Luke was waking up now. He sat up on the bed rubbing his eyes. Dina sat down next to him.

Luke: Is this for real?
Dina: Yes, Luke. We’re going to be a mommy and daddy.
Luke: How do you know? Are you sure?
Dina: Mother’s intuition when she wakes up and needs to puke in the toilet.

Luke just stares at Dina.

Dina (smirking): And the pregnancy test told me so.
Luke (smiling): I’m so happy for you….for us.
Dina: Me too.


More good news

After getting dressed, Luke noticed he had a text message from Felicia.

Hi Luke. Congratulations on the marriage again from me. All your co-workers are happy for you too. I’ve got a present from the boss for you. You’ve been promoted
to bartender. I train you on  Friday, so enjoy the next two days off. We’ll get you trained in for the weekend rush. Spend some lovey time with Dina and tell her I
said hi.

Luke replies back…

Wow. That is awesome. But I have news myself. Dina is pregnant and we’re going
to have a baby in a couple days. I’m going to have to call the boss and thank him
for the promotion, but also tell him I need the weekend off for this baby that will
be coming at that time.


Nina & Dina


Katrina, Nina & Dina

Meanwhile, Dina heads to her old home to share the news with her mother and sister. Nina seemed a bit jealous, but Katrina was excited to be a grandmother because she was going to be an elder in 3 days. She was hoping for a grandchild.

Day 19 (Thursday)


Feeling it

The baby in the oven was coming along just fine.

Day 20 (Friday)


Family gathering

Dina invited her mom and sister over for lunch to celebrate her mom becoming an elder. Don invited himself. Since this day was about Katrina and Don was her boyfriend, he didn’t make a scene and let Don stay.

Katrina and Nina didn’t say much to each other during the conversation. Don was all chippy for some reason. It was an odd situation.


Feelin’ it

After lunch, Katrina asked she could feel Dina’s stomach. This gave Dina some private mother and daughter time as well.

Dina: Why so gloomy, mom? Is it cause you’re getting older?
Katrina: I’m alright, dear. It’s nothing. I’m so happy for you. You know if it’s a boy or girl?
Dina: No. We wanted to wait and see when he or she arrives.

That conversation ended there. There was more baby talk between me, Luke, and Katrina. Don and Nina were off talking their own thing.



As Nina and Don were walking away, Nina turned around…

Nina: Oh, I’m pregnant too, by the way!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2: Having My Baby

  1. I love the story featuring the sims premade especially the classic one, I especially love it that you don’t change their appearance like most of the story I saw. And the ghost narrating thing is also interesting. I wonder if he’s still going to narrate when he died. BTW, don’t answer this, I want surprise hehe!

    Okay for the current chapter, the ending was amazing, hehehe.


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