Chapter 2.3: Baby Of Mine

Things heat up between Luke and Don. And someone new is arriving. This chapter contains language that may not be suitable for young viewers. Please be advised when reading this chapter.


Day 20 (Friday)


Poor Kat

Dina: Aww, mom. I’m sorry. This was why you were gloomy today.
Katrina: It’s okay. I’ve turned into an old fart. Don would have dumped me.
Dina: At least Don went away sulking. And you’re not an old fart. You’re just wiser now.

Don. Luke was furious with Don again.


Push ups outside?


No disrespecting Katrina

Later that evening when Dina went to bed, Luke made his way over to the Caliente household. Good thing Don was already outside because that is exactly who Luke wanted to talk to.

Luke: I have a bone to pick with you. How dare you come over to MY house uninvited. Then you have the nerve to get your girlfriend’s daughter pregnant? Who’s the slut now, you dirtbag.


Luke-2, Don-0

Luke: I don’t EVER want to see your slimy little face over at my house again, even if Dina invites you. If I ever do…



Don threw the punch. Pushing. Shoving. Slapping. More punching.


Finish him!

Luke finally got Don in a hold. Held him tight enough where Don was beginning to give up and then threw him to the ground.

The fight was finally over.


Don’s turn

Don got up and raised his hand. Luke went into defense mode in case another fight was about to ensue… but Don just pointed at Luke.

Don: And this is MY house. So get the plumbob off my property or I’ll call the cops and have you arrested.


Luke-3, Don-1

Luke (smirking): Okay okay. I’ll get off YOUR ex-girlfriend’s property. I really hope your child turns out to be another you and you’ll see what the world has to deal with. Goodbye, Mr. Don.

Luke walks away while Don clutches his hands in anger.

Day 21 (Saturday)


Wakey wakey

The next morning around 5am, Dina woke up in labor. She went to the bathroom and knew it was time and put her sweats on. She went back to the bedroom and saw how sweet her new husband was sound asleep, but had to wake it up.

Dina: Luke, hon. It’s time. Our baby is arriving.
Luke (sleep talking): I’ll grab the bags.
Dina: Luke, you’re still sleeping. Wake up, hon.

She finally gets Luke awake.


It’s time

After all of it sunk in, Luke grabbed Dina by the hands.

Luke: We’re having a baby!
Dina: Yes, we are. But not here.


Checking in

At the hospital, Luke heads to the reception area and tells the receptionist his wife is in labor.


Time to deliver

The doctor escorts Dina to the delivery room. The doctor asks her to change into the gown and to lay on the bed. A contraption moves over Dina and the arms around it begin to move.

Doctor (distracting Dina from the machinery): My name is Katarina.
Dina: My mom’s name is similar. It’s Katrina.
Doctor: That’s a beautiful name. Do you have a name picked out for the baby?
Dina: Tina if it’s a girl. Scott if a boy.
Doctor: Those are very nice names.

A few more minutes go by.

Doctor: And we’re done. Congratulations. You are a mother of a new baby boy.

Luke had brought Dina’s clothes and she changed into them as the Doctor finished up with the birth certificate and cleaning the baby.


Dina & Scott

Dina: Hello my sweet little bundle of joy. I’m your mommy.

It wasn’t long before Luke and Dina were able to take Scott Collins home with them.


Luke & Scott

Luke couldn’t help but play with Scott all day when they got home. Today was the next best thing in his life after marrying the woman he loved.


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