Chapter 2.4: The One Thing

Room decorating, new job title, and getting ready for Scott to grow into childhood. Busy times for Luke Collins.


Day 22 (Sunday)


The Collins Family

Luke still couldn’t stop holding and playing with baby Scott. He was able to get one day leave of absence for the birth of his child. That was for Friday. He took vacation days for the other two.

Dina ended up quitting her job. She wanted to be a stay at home mom rather than complete her aspiration of being a  Master Mixologist. It was far more important though that Luke completed his aspiration of having a Successful Lineage. And her being home, she could assist with that.

One thing they discussed when the baby was born, that the for the Legacy to be a success, the heir should do their best to complete the aspiration they have. If there’s more than one child in the family, the other siblings would be there to help the success of the heir’s aspiration. Therefore, Luke should complete his. And to complete his, he would need to keep his job right now. Scott is going to need toys when he gets older.


‘Roadstead’ Mall

Since Luke had to go back to work tomorrow and Scott becomes a child on Wednesday, now was the best time to go shopping. He went back to the mall he got his hotdog costume at when he proposed to Dina.


Got any toys?

The same sale associate that helped Luke find his hotdog costume was working.

Luke: Hey there. That hotdog suit worked out great. Now I have a son because of it. Is there a children’s section in this mall? I have a room to decorate.


Scott Collins’ bedroom


Scott Collins’ bedroom

Luke was very impressed he could design a bedroom for his son. Must be the kid in him.

Day 23 (Monday)


New trainer

Luke had to go back to work today. Right after his wedding and before his baby was born, Felicia sent him a text that he got a promotion to Mixologist/Bartender.

L’Attente Bistro Restaurant (Magnolia Promenade)
Position: Mixologist
Pay: $35/hr
Hours: 6:00pm – 2:00am
Days: Sun, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat
Description: Prepares and serves beverages to guests in bar area in a friendly, courteous and timely manner.
Primary Responsibilities: Sets up bar; requisitions and stocks all beer, wine, spirits, paper products, straws and stirrers, condiments, glassware, ice and produce. Maintains stock, prepares, cures and stores all fresh fruit and vegetable garnishes, juices and other perishables to ensure product quality. Greets guests in a courteous, friendly manner. Takes and/or processes orders for drinks; mixes, garnishes and presents drinks using standard ingredient recipes; practices prudent portion control. Checks guests at the bar for proper identification. Receives cash from guests, makes change, verifies validity of charges, records charges and ensures vouchers are properly executed. Locks up and stores all beverage product, food, equipment items, deposits and cash drops; secures bank. Performs general cleaning tasks to adhere to health and safety standards; keeps work area clean and organized. Arranges bottles and glasses to maintain an attractive display in the bar area. Washes and sterilizes stemware. Performs other duties as assigned.
Job Benefits: Competitive Pay, Extensive Training, Meal Discounts, Advancement Opportunities

Unfortunately, Felicia is working opposite hours of Luke now. She was going to train over the weekend until the baby happened. Now he has a new trainer – Nathaniel Naier.


I got this

After about an hour of extensive training, Luke was ready to be a bartender.

Day 25 (Wednesday)

Today was the day Scott Collins would become a child. Luke and Dina were excited because of the sleepless nights since his birth. It was also sad, because he would no longer be the cute little baby they were cooing over.


Scott grows up


No more crib

Scott’s favorite color ended up being red, but Luke thought he’d grow into the blue room for now, or they could change it later during father and son bonding time.


Scott Collins


8 thoughts on “Chapter 2.4: The One Thing

    • Thanks. It was funny when he grew up. Most of his default outfits were red. I was tempted to change them to either blue or just mix and match but decided not to. I kept with the red theme he had for his outfits.


      • I almost always inadvertently give my Sims favorite colors by making all their outfits the same color lol. Sometimes I do it on purpose (esp. in identical twin situations), but a lot of the time I don’t.


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