Chapter 2.5: Mis-Shapes

Scott Collins is now a child. He begins to learn about growing up through happenings at home and school.


Day 26 (Thursday)



Today was Scott’s first day of school. Luke talked to him and told him how he was suppose to behave in school. He’d only be in grade school for 9 days, but he had to make every day count. Scott was excited.



After school, Scott came home looking tense. Luke sat him down to figure out what was going on.

Luke: Hey bud. How was school?
Scott: It was okay.
Luke: That’s it? Okay?
Scott (looking frustrated): Well, why can’t others learn to clean up after themselves?
Luke: What do you mean?
Scott: During lunch, others just left all their stuff on the table. Didn’t even bother to throw it in the trash when done. I ended up doing it for them.
Luke: That was nice of you.
Scott: I hate when others are so messy.
Luke: I understand, bud. Not everyone is going to feel the same, though. Just remember to be nice about it.
Scott: I will. Oh, guess what?
Luke: You’re awesome?
Scott (laughing): Yes, I am. But that’s not what I wanted to tell you.
Luke (smirking): Okay then. What?
Scott: Two of my classmates were playing chess. They let me watch. These two were really smart. I want to learn to play chess.
Luke: Really?
Scott: Yeah. Everyone was like cheering them on. It was fun to watch. Can we get a chess game? Please?
Luke: We’ll have to ask mom. Speaking of which… she’s in the other room with Grandma Kat.


Grandma Kat, Scott, & Luke

Scott met his grandmother for the first time. Katrina gave him lots of hugs when she saw him.


Uh oh

Scott told Katrina the exact same thing he told Luke about chess.

Scott: And dad said if mom agrees, I can get a chess set.
Katrina: Grandma thinks it’s a great idea. In fact, I’ll buy you that chess set. You’re such a cute boy and cute boys should get a chess set.

Luke quickly gives Katrina a look and she ignores it. When it comes to grandma’s, Luke guessed he’ll lose the battle. He thought what Dina might say, but she just smiled.




Luke and Katrina took Scott to the mall to get a chess set and table. The sales associate said he had some in stock and thought Scott would want to go pick out his own. Scott was thrilled and followed the sales associate.

Scott picked out his favorite chess set and table. Katrina paid for it as promised.



That evening before Scott took his bath before bed, he had his dad, Luke, clean the bathtub for him. Not only did Scott not like messiness, he despised dirtiness. And his bathtub was grossly dirty.

Day 27 (Friday)


Practice makes perfect

The next day before he left for school, Scott played with his new chess table. He had finished his homework the night before, so was allowed to play before heading off to school.


Not a good day

When Scott got home that afternoon, he had a bored expression on his face and went straight to his room, changed into different clothes, and started his homework. Luke was getting ready for work when he noticed how down Scott looked, so he went to Scott’s room.

Luke: What’s wrong, bud?
Scott (sighing): I was real focused and all at school today. I turned in my homework first, even. I participated a lot, too. But the teacher didn’t even recognize me.
Luke: I’m sure your teacher saw what a great student you are, Scott. You’re not going to get praised all the time for stuff you do. And it’s only your 2nd day. I know you’re shooting for that A grade. You’ll get there.
Scott: Thanks, dad. Why are you dressed up so fancy?
Luke: I was going to talk to you about that. I have to work tonight. So you’ll be the man of the house tonight, okay? I made you and mom dinner. It’s in the fridge. I won’t get home until late and you should already be sleeping. Since you have tomorrow off of school, we’ll go to the park and play. Just you and me.


Mother and son dinner time


Mother and son game time


Mother and son become besties


11 thoughts on “Chapter 2.5: Mis-Shapes

  1. They’re so sweet together, I love them. I know I haven’t commented a lot, but I’m really enjoying this story so far 🙂

    It’s a good length (but I’m not a good judge of that, I love reading long stuff xD), and the pictures are great.


  2. You know what? I’ll say it, he’s sooo cute!
    When I was reading, I made up this cute little kids dialogue whenever he is talking because the his dialogue is just felt like he’s such innocent curious kids. VERY CUTE!


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