Chapter 2.6: Friends And Enemies

Scott makes a new friend. Does Luke and Dina approve?


Day 28 (Saturday)

Last night Luke found out that he’d gotten a Line Cook job for the restaurant. He’ll be assisting the Head Chefs. He’d basically be the in-between from the Chefs and Waiters. He’d be able to learn more about the foods that the Chefs make and maybe assist them with cooking when needed.

L’Attente Bistro Restaurant (Magnolia Promenade)
Position: Line Cook
Pay: $43/hr
Hours: 2:00pm – 10:00pm
Days: Sun, Mon, Fri, Sat
Job Benefits: Competitive Pay, Extensive Training, Meal Discounts, Advancement Opportunities

Luke was planning on spending all day with Scott on Saturday, but with his new job, this would have to change. He still wanted to spend time with Scott at the park, but it would be a lunch date with both him and Dina.


Family play time

Luke  took his family to the park around 11am for family time and lunch. While Scott was manning the spaceship, Luke and Dina played space monsters.


Family lunch time

Afterwards, Luke put hotdogs on the grill.

Luke (to Scott): These are your mother’s favorite. I gave her a special one at work for her.
Dina (blushing): Stop it Luke.


Husband and wife time

And finally, Luke hung out with Dina on the bench while watching Scott play on the monkey bars.

Soon after, Luke had to leave for work. Dina and Scott stayed at the park for a little bit longer and then headed off to see Dina’s mother at her house. She knew it wasn’t long before her mother was going to pass away.


The family

When Dina and Scott arrived at Katrina’s house, Katrina was there in her workout clothes with Nina and a boy.

Dina: How are you doing, mom?
Katrina: Feeling old. Working out is suppose to give you a longer life, so am trying that out. Here, I’d like you and Scott to meet my other grandson, Ulysses.
Dina (thinking to herself): So my sis wasn’t joking during her last visit.


New kid on the block

Ulysses was the son of Don Lothario and Nina Caliente. The two boys hit it off right away.

Dina was happy that Scott now had someone to play with that lived next door. Her mother told her about the fight Luke had with Don the other evening, so explaining this was going to have to take some gentleness.



Scott and Ulysses talked and monkeyed around for a few hours. It was getting late, so Dina intervened and told Scott he could play with Ulysses another day.

Ulysses (shoving Scott): See you around, chump!
Scott: Bye.

Day 29 (Sunday)


Family breakfast

The next morning at breakfast, everyone was in a good mood.

Luke: Hey, bud. You’re going to have to be the man of the house again tonight as usual.
Scott: Can my friend, Ulysses come over?
Luke (smirking): You never told me you made a friend at school… should I be hurt by that?
Scott: No dad. He lives with Grandma Kat, Aunt Nina, and Uncle Don.
Luke: You don’t have an unc…
Dina (cutting in): Honey, he’s Nina’s and Don’s boy. We met him yesterday after coming back from the park.
Luke: Seriously? She wasn’t joking around at their last visit?
Scott: What joke? Can I hear it?
Luke: Why don’t you go play in your room for a little bit, bud. Okay?
Scott: Do I have to? I want to hear the joke.
Luke: Please just go to your room for now.

Scott left the table now sad that he got sent to his room.


Something to talk about

Dina had cleared the table. Luke followed her in there and sat at the table.

Luke: I don’t think it’s a good idea Scott hangs around that kid.

Dina continues to wash the dishes. Once she is done, she sits at the stool next to Luke.

Dina: I know what happened between you two. Mom told me.
Luke: Don is a bad influence and his kid is probably too.
Dina: His kid is also my sister’s kid, Luke. I don’t like Don either, but I love my sis. We have our fights and spats, but I still love her. And this kid is my nephew. And he has name. Ulysses. I was there yesterday. These two got a long just great. Don was home and he didn’t intervene. He probably feels the same way as you and thinks Scott will be a bad influence on his son. But he let it go. You need to as well. Now go to your son. You need to do some damage control as he left about to cry.



Luke went to Scott’s room and saw he was sitting at his desk looking down in shame. Luke felt bad.



Luke sat with Scott on the bed.

Luke: I’m sorry, bud. I’m not at all mad at you. It’s just that the conversation me and mom were having about your Aunt making a joke was a private matter. And I wanted to discuss it further with her alone. You weren’t being punished at all.
Scott: It’s okay dad. Can I still have my friend over today?
Luke (hesitantly): Yes.


Friends again


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