About this Legacy

Greetings to you the reader.

I’m an avid Sims game player. I’ve been playing ever since the first Sims series came out (pretty much shows my age…lol). I’ve been hooked on The Sims 3 for a very very long time. When The Sims 4 came out in… what year? 2014? I don’t remember… I was very hesitant and unsure about purchasing it. The trailers and hype weren’t all that exciting to me. Now that it’s 2016 (the time I am writing this), I’ve seen some people’s point of views change. So I jumped in and got the base game, all the expansion packs as well as the stuff packs. I also picked up the extras.

I’ve also always been an avid sims stories reader. I tried writing my own stories but got bored. Times change. So I am going to attempt this once again. Encouraging replies to posts may (or may not) help.

Enough about me and now about this story.

The basic story is all about the playable sims. I went ahead and picked Luke Collins’ Aspiration and Traits. Everyone else’s will be given by the in-game coding or through The Sims Legacy Challenge Random Trait Generator. This story is not a legacy challenge! The only real challenge is me keep writing… lol!

Majority of the plot will be the sims’ aspirations and whims. The stories will be written around those. Whatever the sim(s) want or needs, a story will made from it. Obviously I will throw in other stuff just to keep interest for you, the reader. And for me too.

Some fun facts.

  • I will be using the aging off and make them grow-up when time seems to fit for me. I will turn aging on when the sim is an elder and I feel their time is come to an end and I need the grim reaper to make an appearance (if any other sims grow up automatically, I will cheat them back down to the age they were, but you won’t know that) and then turn aging off again.
  • How I age the Sims will be like this: Babies will remain babies for 5 days. Child will be 10 days. Teenager for 20 days. Young Adults for 30 days. Adults for 20 days. Elders will be elders for 10 days if not longer. After the 10 days are up, I will turn off aging and await the Grim Reaper. If for any reason another ages up, I’ll use the cheat mode to age them back down. Once the Grim Reaper takes the elder, aging will be turned off again.
  • Whatever happens to the sims, happens to the sims. If they die of other causes, oh well. That’s life. I may or may not resurrect them, but only with in-game options such as Book of Life. No cheats. If their life doesn’t go the way I want it to, sucks to be me. I’ll write only about what I see. I won’t go back to the previous saved time stamp.
  • The readers will pick the next Generation heir if there is more than one child. I will typically wait until I move the first child up to their teenager years when it’s time to pick the next heir. I’ll be forcing to get at least one child, even if it takes them “woohoo”ing ten times to get pregnant. Then after, if their whim is to “woohoo,” then they’ll woohoo. If that gets them another child before the first child reaches teenager years, then the readers will have something to vote on.
  • I have a mod installed that turned off the mosaic pattern (so naughty part will be visible). I also have an anatomically correct mod installed so the naughty parts are not barbie doll naughty parts. View all images at your own risk. You as the reader will be warned ahead of time it is coming if an adult rated episode happens.

Thank you for spending a little extra time and reading this. It will be updated as needed. I doubt you’ll need to read it again, though.