Chapter 1.1: My Life (Legacy Premiere)

An introduction to Luke Collins, the founder of The Collins Legacy.



Luke Collins’ Ghost

Hello. My name is Luke Collins. Yes, I am a ghost. I’m in the spiritual world. I’m here to tell you the story of my family’s legacy.

When I became a young adult, it was time for me to go out and explore the world on my own. This guy had to go out and make a name for himself. My aspiration was to have a successful lineage. Did I succeed? You’ll just have to hear my story to find out.

A few more things you need to know about me before I tell you my story. I was very active growing up. I loved to be energized. People called me a foodie. I only ate healthy foods when I could. I would tend to sway to the unhealthy foods, but that is where being active came in to balance it off. And I loved hanging out with my bros in school.


Oasis Springs

Being the cowboy type person, I chose Oasis Springs as my new home town. Oasis Springs is set out in the desert near a lake.

There were five neighborhoods of Oasis Springs — Bedrock Strait, Parched Prospect, Skyward Palms, Acquisition Butte, Oasis Springs Commercial District, and Desert Blossom Park.


Skyward Palms

Although I liked the desert, I needed some greenery. Therefore I chose Skyward Palms.

When visiting Skyward Palms, it is hard to realize that you are actually in the middle of the desert. This neighborhood borders a golf course and has several ponds. All of the homes in this neighborhood have a southwestern style of architecture.

Just what I liked. I entered town with $20,000.


Arid Ridge

I really didn’t want to buy a home. If I wanted to start my legacy off right, I had to build from scratch. From the bottom up. There was one empty lot available. It was called Arid Ridge. It is surrounded on three sides by roads and backs up to a desert dune. The lot already has several trees and some landscaping.

It cost me $5,500 to purchase. This left me with $14,500 left.


Luke at his new home


Bird’s-eye view

I had finished my starter home. After all the building constructing and designing, I was left with $283. Hopefully enough for groceries and seeds to plant perhaps either flowers or food.



My new home consisted of no fanciness. The essentials that any home owner might need. A kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom,and living room. As my life would progress, so would my house.

This was the beginning of my legacy, The Collins Legacy!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1: My Life (Legacy Premiere)

  1. Oooh, a story from a dead guy! This should be interesting lol. That’s a cute little house. Love that you didn’t use the typical “legacy” lots.


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